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The Hunt

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At Horseshoe K ranch our wild birds are pursued on a large number of designated food plots blended in our farming program. No two fields or hunting strategies apply, creating an unrivaled mix for our guests.  Your hunting experience at Horseshoe K Ranch is truly one of a kind.

Your party will enjoy different shooting situations with each field. We utilize walkers, wing men, and blockers during our hunts. The cover and terrain is dictated by where the birds are; relative to weather and time of season. Early in the season we may focus on sloughs and locations near a water source. As the harvest season begins and temperatures cool, we then transition into more corn and milo fields lined with our abundant shelter belts.

After the hunt you may relax while your birds are cleaned and neatly vacuum sealed for hassle free transport.



Click the logo to purchase your license online. 






We require a deposit within ten days of booking to lock your dates. Deposits will be honored for one year after receiving it or may be transferred to another hunter if you wish. After that, the deposits become non-refundable. The deadline for deposits is April 1. 

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